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In the construction industry, there is absolutely no substitute for strong leadership. Whether you're the owner, an officer of the company or a part of the project team, the Leadership Track will provide skills and strategies to elevate your company. Session topics will range from large-scale organizational processes to individual skills needed for leaders at every level.

Client Management and Selection

To build a healthy business as a contractor, you need plenty of work to drive revenue, but to be profitable you also need to be sure it's the right work with the right kind of customers. The Client Management and Selection Track is designed to help your business choose the right partners and projects to help your company grow profitably. Session topics will cover growth strategies designed for leadership, as well as real-world tactics for use from any customer-facing employee, to help attract and retain ideal work.

Talent Acquisition and Management

Perhaps no problem is as challenging in the construction industry as the acquisition and retention of talent. Without the right people in the right seats, your business cannot support profitable growth. The Talent Management Track will provide best practices for recruiting and hiring, as well as training and development to help your company overcome the challenges posed in the labor market. Session topics are suitable for company leadership, HR professionals and others responsible for the retention and development of team members.

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